20190309-Van Vlueten arms raised (2) - Heather Morrison Photography

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2019 Season


One of the most beautiful races on the calendar, racing on the white roads of Tuscany.  First edition in 2007 but this race running from Piazza del Campo in Siena and back, deserves to be the 6th Monument.

As i was in Siena, I decided to go to the GP Larciano, I had missed the bus, not really appreciating how hard it is to get around without a car... I got a taxi! 200 euros later I managed to reach the finish line in time, even had to wait on the race at times. finished in heavy rain and a long walk to find a train station to get back to Siena.. Its Sunday in rural Italy. Doh!

102nd Giro dell' Emilia set in the Emilia-Romagna region, running from Bologna Friere to the Sanctuary of the Madona di San Luca . I couldnt reach the top of the climb, so i lay under the barrier at the side of the road and shot as much as I could. 

26th to 29th September - I made it down to Yorkshire in time for the U23 mens Finals, the Elite Women & Mens races.  It rained from the second i parked until i drove home.. 4 days of misery, & I didn't need to ride a bike.  That park in Harrogate will never be the same again.

Monteveglio  was pretty hard to find so i missed the start of the womens race, but caught the men going off and both finishes.  It was a good day for me as 2 of my favorites won, Bastanelli & Colbrelli. I also met with Sonny's family.  It was a good day with a lot of driving - tired. Tomorrows a rest day...

Tre Valli, from Saronno to Varese. I made the start and finish, but didnt manage good positioning.  The podium ceremony was interesting, Roglic won, his 2nd victory this week, but on the podium, 1st they put Skujins who was 3rd on the plinth for 2nd, so Visconti who was 2nd had to go to the plinth for 3rd, & then Roglic in the middle of course, and Visconti & Skujins swapped. ok you think. they presented 3rd, and then they gave the 1st prize to 2nd place. So, Visconti, who noticed this faux pas Presented the prize to Roglic... it was a jolly podium.

Quite simply, the most beautiful finish of any sporting event ever, It completely took my breath away. The race was excellent too.  But you must, must , must visit the Superga!

So Bernal got a win, it was good to see the Tour de France winner at all these Italian classics and this was the 1 he won.  You don't get any of the 'Skineos' riders of significance at these races.  The finish on Oropa - wow! this was Pantani's climb, it was  hard as you can see from their faces.

My 2nd Lombardia & my last race of the season, I visited Ghisallo the day before the race but on race day was an early start to get to Bergamo for the sign on and start. Once off its straight up to Como. I was determined not to make the same mistakes as last year & i was going to find the podium before anything else...

Strade Bianche, GP Larciano, Giro dell' Emilia, Road racing, Championships, Grand Prix.
20190309-Van Vlueten arms raised (2) - Heather Morrison Photography
Strade Bianche, GP Larciano, Giro dell' Emilia, Road racing, Championships, Grand Prix.