Gran Piemonte 2019 - Heather Morrison Photography

Heather Morrison Photography Heather Morrison Photography

Gran Piemonte 10-10-19

20191010-20191010-Edet at the start, just thinking aboutit-220191010-20191010-Nans Peters at the start, do you think he intended to be on the podium-220191010-20191010-Hubert Dupont's last race day after 15yrs-220191010-20191010-more Nas Peters at the start -he mustve felt really good-220191010-20191010-Bora jollies at the start-220191010-20191010-Cesare Benedetti-220191010-20191010-Giro d'Italia & Tour de France winners, stars of the show at the line-220191010-20191010-Formolo at the start line-220191010-20191010-IMG_7206-220191010-20191010-IMG_7209-220191010-20191010-IMG_7207-220191010-20191010-IMG_7217-220191010-20191010-IMG_7219-220191010-20191010-IMG_7218-220191010-20191010-IMG_7228-220191010-20191010-IMG_7229-220191010-20191010-IMG_7232-220191010-20191010-Nans Peters just stopped and went to the grund after the finish-220191010-20191010-Davide Villella home in 7th place-220191010-20191010-Young Clement Champoussin coming in just behind Visco in 9th place - he just wants his mum right now-220191010-20191010-Giovanni Visconti did not have too much fun today, and now im in his way - in 8th position-220191010-20191010-Carlos Verona getting a helping hand-220191010-20191010-Nico Edet felt that-220191010-20191010-Herrada made it in 19th-220191010-20191010-The Eel in 25th-220191010-20191010-Simone Ravanelli comimg in 29th. you can see why Savio always wins th eItalian Cup-220191010-20191010-Andrea Vendrame finishing in 32nd place, his eyes say it all-220191010-20191010-Cesare Benedetti & Davide Gabburo come in 7mins down-220191010-20191010-Someone glued Bernals cork to the bottle-220191010-20191010-Its amost all over-220191010-20191010-The most relaxed ive seen Bernal-220191010-20191010-Egan Bernal and his big Cup-220191010-20191010-Visco behind the podium 1-220191010-20191010-Visconti recieves the individual prize in the Italian Cycling Cup-220191010-20191010-Visconti getting the jersey for individual performance in italian cup-220191010-20191010-Masnada takes young riders jersey-220191010-20191010-The podium with kisses-220191010-20191010-Guess who won the Italian Cup... again-2
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