Il Lombardi 2019 - Heather Morrison Photography

Heather Morrison Photography Heather Morrison Photography

Il Lombardi 12-10-19

20191012-Benoot signing on20191012-Geschke at sign on20191012-Ten Dam at sign on20191012-Could today be Gaudu's day20191012-Steve Morabito's last race20191012-Bouke20191012-Toms Skujins signing on - he made it into the early break, where will he finish20191012-a thumbs up from Formolo20191012-Enric Mas is having a laugh as well, very happy podium20191012-Jungle Bob is in on the joke as well20191012-Phil Gilbert is having fun today - also going for his 3rd Lombardia20191012-Ion Izzagire sign on20191012-Valverde signing on - i keep forgetting he is here20191012-Nibali looking relaxed at sign on, going for number 320191012-Nibali signing on and saying hi20191012-Visconti coming to the line ready for business20191012-Nat Berhane getting ready to go20191012-Ballerini spotted someone he knows20191012-Nibali & Ballerini om start line20191012-Bardiani boys ready to go20191012-Nibali & Ballerini on line with a pensive Vendrame in the back20191012-Bergamo20191012-Mollema crossing the line (2)Mollema's biggest victory20191012-Mollema crossing the line (1)20191012-8th to 13th came home in a bunch - This is the most focused20191012-Visconti crossing the line in 17th position20191012-The Champagne Shot20191012-Backstage between presentations - still emotional20191012-Mollema recieving the new jersey in honour of Felice Gimondi - he wasnt expecting it to be front fastening20191012-In the new Gimondi jersey20191012-Fausto Masnada getting the trophy for the climb of the Ghisallo20191012-Wiping a tear from his eye20191012-Chamgagne shot once Valverde got going20191012-Even with the interference i like this20191012-With his wheel
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