UCI World Road Race Championships - Heather Morrison Photography

Heather Morrison Photography Heather Morrison Photography

UCI World Road Race Championships

20190927-IMG_139420190927-1 lap to go, Battistella & Pidcock lead the front 5 over the finish line20190927-just to show you what happened with my crossing the line pics.... fucking woman appeared in front - took photos and van20190927-Pidcock after crossing the line in 4th 2 (2)20190927-Pidcock after crossing the line in 4th 2 (1)20190927-The dutch tam waiting to celebrate with their team mate20190927-the flagpoles with no flags20190927-Battistella gets his rainbows20190927-You'd have to say he was happy20190927-Getting emotional with the national Anthem20190928-Cecille Ludwig & Soraya Paladin crossing the line 2 laps to go20190928-Puppy Paws over the line20190928-very happy Russian and some not so happy Danes20190928-Oyarbide, Tazreiter & Paternoster ctossing for last lap20190928-Longo Borghini chasing on final lap20190928-Italy leading the peloton on the final lap20190928-Only van vleuten pick without another photographer in it20190928-Amanda Spratt crossing the line in 3rd20190928-Elisa Longo Borghini crossing the line in 4th20190928-Vos and Bastanelli crossing the line in 6th & 7th20190928-Our winners today20190928-A Happy Annemiek20190928-2018 & 2019 World Champions20190928-The Dutch National Anthem20190928-Annemeik getting right into it20190928-Dutch fans not dissapointed tonight20190928-Marianne in the crowd20190928-Last pics 220190928-Beefeaters at the finish20190928-Possibly Cordon-Ragot20190929-Sam and Dan - The Irish20190929-IMG_184120190929-My boy Sonny20190929-Trentin, Sonny, Visconti & Ulissi - all very serious20190929-IMG_185720190929-A pensive Mollema on the start line20190929-IMG_187520190929-Tommy V on his bike20190929-Conor Dunne on th estart line20190929-IMG_189320190929-LouLou preparing to bring it home20190929-IMG_190620190929-IMG_190920190929-IMG_191120190929-IMG_192120190929-IMG_192220190929-IMG_193120190929-Erviti & Valverde20190929-Visconti in the rain (2)20190929-Ion Izagirre & Grosu20190929-Cepeda and Bernard20190929-Valgren o n the wheel of Lutsenko's train20190929-IMG_198420190929-IMG_198720190929-IMG_198820190929-IMG_198920190929-Dan Martin 2nd circuit20190929-IMG_202120190929-IMG_202220190929-IMG_202820190929-Visconti on the front 3rd circuit20190929-IMG_204520190929-IMG_205120190929-IMG_205820190929-Visconti alone 6th circuit20190929-Trentin, MvdP, Moscon & Kung (2)20190929-IMG_217820190929-Sonny, Ion, Birdie, Bananito, Valgren & the GS4 dude20190929-Mads Pedersen winning the world champs 2019 (5)20190929-Mads Pedersen winning the world champs 2019 (3)20190929-Matteo Trentin 2nd (2)20190929-Stefan Kung 3rd and looked the coldest person in the race (2)20190929-Valgen crossing the line in 4th - knowing Mads won20190929-8th to 12th20190929-Ion Izagirre, Jansen & Tadej Pogacar, just turned 21 and finishing 18th in his 1st World Champs20190929-Michael Valgren tooooo excied for Mads, all Birdie can do is look on20190929-The emotions of Michael Valgren (7)20190929-The emotions of Michael Valgren (6)20190929-IMG_228320190929-IMG_228620190929-IMG_228720190929-IMG_229020190929-The podium - have you seen 3 colder looking men, hey look like they need a couple of zimmers20190929-IMG_229420190929-IMG_230420190929-IMG_230320190929-IMG_231220190929-IMG_231420190929-IMG_231820190929-IMG_232720190929-IMG_233220190929-IMG_234920190929-IMG_235320190929-Bumped into the Euskadi and they sang a song for me (5)
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